Livestock Shows Quick Reference
Health Requirements Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) will be required for every animal exhibited at the Tennessee Junior Livestock Shows. The CVI must be dated within 90 days of the respective show.Official Animal IdentificationAll animals must have official identification.
Cattle: USDA metal ear tag, EID ear tag or official breed registry tattoo
Sheep: Scrapie ear tag
Goats: Scrapie ear tag of official breed registry tattoo
Hogs: Ear notches, USDA metal ear tag or EID ear tag
EID tags will be part of the TJLE tag for market steers and commercial heifersAll steers and commercial heifers must have at least ONE legible tattoo. Registered heifers should have legible breedtattoos. Any animal without a legible tattoo will not be permitted to show. It is encouraged that commercial heifers and
steers be tattooed in both ears to ensure at least one tattoo is legible.